Our first blast of cold winter weather will arrive next week, and it could bring with it our first significant snow of the season.

Say It Ain't SNOW!

At this point I would have rather had our first big snow of the season already. Get it out of the way before one of the biggest travel weeks of the year, right? Unfortunately, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are not very concerned with our holiday travel schedules.

2 Systems Could Converge to Bring Albany 1st Snow Of The Season

Weather forecasters are tracking our first big cold front of the season swooping in which is sure to bring with it some snow with various storms converging on the Northeast. Accuweather says a cold front will arrive Monday through Wednesday of next week. They are also watching a storm tracking from the midwest and a second storm that is developing along the east coast.

If Things Track A Certain Way We Could See Significant Snow

If that second storm hugs the coast and tracks inland, it could be a recipe for our first real snow of the season by converging with the midwest storm, bringing several inches of snow and maybe up to a foot of snow in areas around Albany, Upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Accuweather says the snow would fall Monday through Wednesday, "wreaking havoc" on Thanksgiving travel.

If the coastal storm heads out to sea, we could still see some snow in the Northeast but nothing that we would not be able to contend with as we travel to see our family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Perfect Timing!

Like I wrote above - ya gotta love Old Man Winter's timing on this one! But, maybe a little snow is just what we need to kick off the holiday season!

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