What the heck is going on here in 2021? I am not even talking about the pandemic. I am talking about all of the animals that are escaping from their homes and choosing to run free! I suppose I can't blame them but it is a bit unusual to see a collection of buffalo in your front yard but that's what happened this week in Connecticut.

According to NBC 30, Nikki and Scott Marcheterre, a couple from Brooklyn, Connecticut captured video of a small group of buffalo congregating in front of a home. That has to blow your mind a bit. We have all seen black bear or deer, fox maybe even a moose but BUFFALO?! Word is the buffalo escaped from a CT farm in Brooklyn.

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This is similar to back in July when Barney the Bull escaped from the slaughterhouse on Long Island. Literally the day Barney was to be executed he bolted! 2 months laters he was found once he returned to the farm. According to the New York Post, Barney is now living out his days at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey. Maybe Barney went to Connecticut and told these buffalo how to escape!

In June a 330lb black bear named Ahote has escaped from the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, New York. A few days later he returned safely to the refuge. Ahote, meaning restless one, has escaped before. In 2019, she was gone for 2 weeks before being returned safely.

If you encounter a bear, moose or even buffalo in New York call the regional wildlife office during business hours, or call the DEC at 844-332-3267. 

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