I have been a Jets fan my whole life but throughout the last ten years or so, I have been rooting for the Buffalo Bills more than the Jets. It's finally time to become a full-on Bills fan so I am asking Bills Mafia to let me in. I put a video together that has me going through a few "Buffalo" tasks to prove that I am ready to circle the wagons and become part of the Bills Mafia. Will you let me in? Before you judge and call me a "bandwagon" fan, there are a few things you need to know about me. Yes, I grew up here in the Capital Region and always rooted for the NY Jets because that's who my family liked. But what you may not know is that I also lived in Buffalo for five years and was entrenched in everything Buffalo. I love that city, its people and I'm a die-hard Buffalo Sabres fan. Not to mention that my fiance and her family along with our son Ryan are huge Bills fans because they are from Buffalo. They have been trying to get me into the Bills Mafia for years.

So I ask you to keep an open mind, from one football fan to another who loves the city of Buffalo like my own hometown to watch this video and at the end, after all of my crazy stunts, to ultimately accept me into your beloved Bills Mafia. I won't let you down.


Special thanks to Katie O'Rourke who filmed this amazing video.

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