There is a lot of hyperbole when it comes to videos of great sports plays.  I'm not overreacting when I state that this catch is completely off the charts.


St. John's pitcher Joe Robie and catcher Corey Tipton joined forces to make one of the better catches you will ever see.  Robie and Tipton play for a high school baseball team in Ohio.  Tipton eluded the baserunner and batted the ball in the air.  Robie dove for the ball and made a ridiculous barehanded catch.  He looked like a young Brian Noe in his prime.  Kidding.

Robie had to take inventory after making the catch to make sure that all of his limbs were still functioning properly.  I can't blame him.  There is nothing wrong with making sure all of your extremities still work after making a crazy catch like this.  St. John's held onto their lead to beat Ross. 

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