In 1983, veteran motorcyclist Bill Dutcher and friends started Americade. It drew 2000 people. Tomorrow, the five day event begins and more than 100,000 are expected. Some of the events to look forward to are the demo's, rides, and the expo with hundreds of vendors.

If you're not going, you can see 1,000's of amazing bikes jamming the Northway starting today. That's the part I love. I don't ride out of concern for the safety of those who do. I have many biker friends- even had a biker section at my wedding with guys like Billy the Biker, Tiny, ect. I've always respected them, and have seen over the years the amount they have contributed to the community -- always raising money for some worthy cause.

I'll never forget when Mulrooney and I went to host the stage at AM/JAM. We drove in with a Chevy that looked like an undercover cop car. You could see guys throwing their stashes under stuff- it was hilarious. So, be aware that the highways will be jammed with bikes. Remember to check your blind spots!

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