I am never surprised by the ignorance of the American sports fan. I shake my head and say REALLY? Manti Te'o is most hated American athlete? REALLY? And his crime was what exactly?

In the latest Forbes "Most Hated American Athlete," dumbed down American sports fans used no thought, just the latest headlines, in voting Te'o at the top. He is in the headlines and sadly sports fans can't remember what happened a month ago.

Sadly you see this manifest itself often. Ask most American sports fans why their team lost and dumb fan says  "I am a hard core fan and the coach is why we lost, or the refs screwed us."  This is the response you get from most fans on any given game. Or my other favorite, "we played with no heart."  These are the usual three answers from dumbed down fans.

Te'o did exactly what to deserve top billing with Lance Armstrong? Oh he got "catfished" so now I hate him. Yeah, okay, dumb sports fans, because he brought harm to nobody, hurt nobody, but it is the latest and we can't have sports fans think because that would be scary.

This lack of ability to think manifests itself in other ways. Ask dumb sports fans about a game last night and many will say it was the "best game I have ever seen" to an exciting game but certainly not in context. The latest is the best or worst because, sadly, sports fans reflect, in my opinion, the lack of ability to think like most of the country. I realize I am not speaking well of sports fans or fellow Americans but I just think many have lost the ability to do just that: THINK!

Manti did nothing to even be nominated for this "award." How exactly is a man hated for being fooled or duped? He is hated for this? It is funny how Americans are duped everyday by some scam and yet Te'o is hated for this?

Others making the Forbes list: Lance Armstrong is tied with Te'o for the top spot. Now think about that. We have a guy who lied for years about using PEDs and he is tied with a guy who did, well, nothing.

Also in the top 10 list of hated athletes: Americans still have Tiger Woods at number three. His crime: nothing really. He hurt himself with his sex scandal and nobody else but in the eyes of dumbed down sports fans, somehow Woods is hated for hurting himself. Jay Cutler and Metta World Peace are tied for fourth and fifth. Yankee failure and liar Alex Rodriguez, now facing charges that he used performance enhancing drugs again is sixth. So Te'o who again hurt nobody, and didn't cheat, somehow is five spots higher then A-Roid? Sure makes perfect sense, dumbed down fans.

Mike Vick is still seventh. There is a three way tie for eighth through tenth between Kurt Busch, Kobe Bryant, and Tony Romo. Romo, really? I mean I think he is overrated but hated? Okay "intelligent" sports fans, if you say so. Many of these same fans are the ones that will pony up big bucks for PSLs, the biggest ripoff in sports history.

Maybe it is just me but I can't imagine why an athlete who brings no harm to anyone but himself or commits no crime can be hated or even the most hated. Putting Te'o at the top of this list truly shows me the lack of ability of sports fans to remember anything that happened three months ago, or it shows how they hold a grudge for way too long (Woods). Is it any wonder why so many are failing in school, or how many can't even fill out a simple job application.

To get ahead of this, for next year's Forbes list of most hated athletes, just wait and whoever is in the headlines a week before will be nominated for the top spot because thinking is not allowed and a short attention span is a specialty for most fans and citizens.

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