PUT THIS ON THE TOP OF YOUR CHRISTMAS BUCKET LIST!  There is an incredible little museum that will be the star on top of your Christmas tree if you visit it this season.  "It's a Wonderful Life" is considered by film experts to be the #1 Christmas movie of all time.  It came out in 1946, starred Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and perhaps the greatest collection of movie character actors of all time.

The museum dedicated to this movie is in Seneca, Falls, NY.  The museum tells the story of how Seneca Falls is believed to be the inspiration for the Bedford Falls in the film.  Director Frank Capra is known to have visited this Upstate village before finalizing his script.  Is the Seneca Falls/Bedford Falls connection fact or fiction?  Visit this most charming of all Upstate New York museums and find out for yourself!

"It's A Wonderful Life" Film Stars in Its Own Upstate Museum

One of the most beloved films in Hollywood history is remembered in its very own museum in Upstate New York! The 1946 Frank Capra classic, "It's A Wonderful Life," is honored with a museum in Seneca Falls, NY. It is believed that Capra patterned the movie's fictional Bedford Falls after this Upstate village. Check out the pictures and stories below and judge for yourself. Is Seneca Falls, NY the real Bedford Falls?

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