Andrew Luck would be the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft this April.  Andrew Luck would sign a contract worth roughly $50 million dollars in guaranteed money.  The only problem is that Andrew Luck is a bozo.Andrew Luck says he won't enter the upcoming NFL Draft because he's committed to earning his degree in architectural design from Stanford University.  Uh, you're kidding right?

Does Luck realize he can go back and earn that same degree without jeopardizing millions and millions of NFL dollars?  I thought these Stanford guys were supposed to be smart.


There is no upside with this decision.  Andrew Luck can't improve his draft stock for next year.  Most of his offensive line is graduating.  His head coach, Jim Harbaugh, might not be at Stanford next season.  He's risking injury.  He can only lose NFL money.  Plus, he can go back and finish school whenever he'd like to.  This simply doesn't make sense.

For the people who say Luck will gain more useful experience in the college ranks, know this.  John Elway was a legend at Stanford.  Elway threw 7 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions in his rookie season with the Denver Broncos.  The NFL is a different game.

Taking extra snaps in college won't do much good for Andrew Luck's NFL future.  It can only hurt his draft stock and, in turn, his pocketbook.  Ask Matt Leinart and Jake Locker how staying in school worked out.  Badly.  They both lost millions.

Andrew Luck is putting himself in a position to potentially cost himself millions too.  Not smart Mr. Stanford soon-to-be-grad.