It seems like a near certainty that the Giants will need to make wholesale changes in the offseason. The two major changes will likely be at head coach and general manager. Head Coach Ben McAdoo has seemingly lost his team this season as the offense has endured a number of crucial injuries, the defense has been lackluster, and players have been suspended as the team's struggles continue.

General Manager Jerry Reese has been under fire for the past few seasons. His inability to find players in the draft combined with his failure to sign key free agents to fill hole's in the team.

To say their on the 'hot seat' is an understatement.

So...lets pretend these guys are no longer part of the Giants organization come the end of the season; who fills their place?

Here is a list of options the Giants will likely consider to fill both possible openings:


-Josh McDaniels, Offensive Coordinator, New England Patriots

-Matt Patricia, Defensive Coordinator, New England Patriots

-Sean Payton, Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

-Tom Cable, Offensive line Coach, Seattle Seahawks

-Jim Bob Cooter, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions

-Mike Vrabel, Defensive Coordinator, Houston Texans

-Steve Spagnuolo, Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants

-Bill Callahan, Offensive Line Coach, Washington Redskins

-Mike Smith, Defensive Coordinator, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-Mike McCoy, Offensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos

-Jim Schwartz, Defensive Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

-Kris Richard, Defensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks


-Nick Saban, Alabama

-Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

-David Shaw, Stanford

-Jim Mora Jr., UCLA


-John Gruden, ESPN

-Bill Cowher, CBS


-Marc Ross, Vice President of Player Personnel, New York Giants

-Will McClay, Assistant Director of Player personnel, Dallas Cowboys

-Nick Caserio, Vice President of Player personnel, New England Patriots

-Scott Pioli, Assistant General Manager, Atlanta Falcons

-Dave Gettleman, Former General Manager, Carolina Panthers

-Scott Fitterer, Co-Director of Player Personnel, Seattle Seahawks

-Brian Gaine, Vice president of Player Personnel, Buffalo Bills

-Louis Riddick, ESPN Front Office Insider

When going through possible candidates, it's important to look at pairings as well. Normally, a team will hire a GM first, who then will choose the head coach. Taking this into consideration, here are the top pairings of candidates for GM and head coach from this list:

  • GM: Will McClay  Head Coach: Sean Payton
  • GM: Nick Caserio  Head Coach: Mike Vrabel
  • GM: Nick Caserio  Head Coach: Josh McDaniels
  • GM: Nick Caserio  Head Coach: Matt Patricia
  • GM: Dave Gettleman  Head Coach: Jim Schwartz
  • GM: Dave Gettleman  Head Coach: Josh McDaniels
  • GM: Dave Gettleman  Head Coach: Jim Bob Cooter
  • GM: Dave Gettleman  Head Coach: Matt Patricia
  • GM: Scott Fitterer  Head Coach: Kris Richard
  • GM: Scott Fitterer  Head Coach: David Shaw
  • GM: Scott Pioli  Head Coach: David Shaw
  • GM: Marc Ross  Head Coach: Nick Saban
  • GM: Will McClay  Head Coach: Nick Saban
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The best pairing of the group is without a doubt, Will McClay and Sean Payton. Both of them already have a history together as they both worked together in Dallas in the mid-2000's (Payton was OC while McClay was in the front office). McClay was also head coach for the Dallas Desperados of the AFL in the early 2000's as well. This pairing presents the most upside for the Giants future; especially should they draft Josh Rosen or Josh Allen in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The pairing of Nick Caserio and any one of the Patriots coordinators along with Mike Vrabel also present very interesting options. Caserio is a great talent evaluator, while all three of the head coaching options are expected to be head coaches some time in the near future.

The Giants are in desperate need of change. Although it was unexpected heading into the 2017-18 season, the organization has reached the point where in order to get back to where they want to, drastic changes to important positions need to be made, and it all starts with the head coach and general manager.

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