When English tennis pro Andy Murray lost at Wimbledon to Roger Federer, the entire country of England got sad, including his smoking hot gal pal Kim Sears.

Athletes tend to get emotional when it comes to a big loss. It’s even harder when the big loss comes on home turf. Andy Murray felt that pain on Sunday, and apparently so did all of England. Murray’s waterworks started to flow, and that’s when everyone else lost it, especially his girlfriend Kim Sears.

Let’s be honest though, even when Kim is crying, she’s beautiful. We wouldn’t mind losing if it meant we got to go home to someone like Kim. Looks like Ms. Sears could use a hug and here we are with open arms – and no pants. Too much?

Since we have to say goodbye to Kim until next tournament, here is a photo gallery of Andy Murray’s #1 super fan looking smashing.

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