This is one of the more frustrating stories I've ever had to try to explain.

The story is about Damar Hamlin, 24-year old safety for the Buffalo Bills, who suffered cardiac arrest while on-the-field at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati. Every sports fan, and most human beings, know the story of Damar Hamlin, from the lowest of lows, to the promising news of recovery and progress.

Hamlin even showed up at Highmark Stadium this past weekend to visit with his teammates, and cheer on the Bills from the suite level of Buffalo's home stadium. It was a great moment, that was unfortunately overshadowed by the play of the Bills on the field.

So, why now, after showing multiple signs of life over the past few weeks, is a faction on the Internet claiming Damar Hamlin is not himself, but rather a body double?

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Internet Spreads Absurd Rumor About Buffalo Bills' Safety Damar Hamlin 'Clone'

A story told on Yahoo! News and other news outlets explained the absurd story floating around the Internet that involves Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin. The rumor is that Hamlin is not, in fact, recovering from his cardiac arrest. He was not at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, either.

The grim conspiracy is that he passed away on the field at Paycor Stadium, and anyone who has seen Hamlin since his "passing" has been seeing a body double in his place.

There are two reasons why the Internet believes this, at least, as far as I've seen. One is that the NFL does not want fans to know that a player passed away while playing their game. The other is that the government does not want Americans to know the cause of Hamlin's death: the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the dumpster fire for yourself:

Even videos of Damar Hamlin ON FACETIME are being doubted, or deemed to be inauthentic:

This is all ridiculous. Some conspiracy theories are harmless, but this one, involving the death of a 24-year old NFL player, is certainly not benign. Anyone who is propagating this nonsense online should be ashamed of themselves, and should consider throwing their electronic device into a body of water.

Maybe even the ocean, if you're close enough.

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But Dan, why wasn't he showing his face? Why was he being guarded from the view of cameras at the game? Why hasn't he spoken to the media?

Thanks for asking, comment section. Because he's 24 YEARS OLD, AND HAD A HEART ATTACK, AND ALMOST DIED.

Friend of The Drive with Charlie and Dan, Khari Thompson, summed it up very well:

Yes, compared to the actions of a fully healthy human being, Damar Hamlin's actions in public have been different. The kid had a heart attack, and Lord knows what other complications he's still dealing with. He is recovering, which is probably a long way away from being recovered.

Let Damar Hamlin recover in peace, support him along the way, and before long, he'll be back in the public eye without a body double, or a clone, in sight.

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