Each Monday at 4:00 p.m. Levack and I recap the weekend in a segment called "Monday Mirages." Does this team, player, performance having lasting power, or is it just a one-week mirage? Next week's Monday Mirages will be a special edition as Goz will host with Eric Hannamann on Memorial Day.

This week we focused on the UAlbany men's lacrosse team. Should the Final Four appearance already consider this season a success?  Will the Houston Rockets win another game in the Western Conference Finals? Is Tom Brady not attending New England Patriots OTAs a big deal for the franchise? Is Justify a horse racing triple crown contender? Will Johnny Manziel be contacted by an NFL team following his performance in the CFL this season? Plus did Levack or Goz watch any of the weekend's royal wedding coverage? What is real and what is just a mirage for the future? Let us know below. Plus to hear this week's version, click on the link below.

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