Living with the name 'Armen' has been a great experience because it's unique, people remember and it on many occasions I get referenced to longtime TV reporter Armen Keteyian.

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I've always looked up to Armen Keteyian as a member of the media community as he's made me proud to share his name.

Podcast: Armen with Armen

On Thursday, I got to meet the great Armen Keteyian and it was awesome. He spent several minutes with me talking about our industry and then took the time for an interview.

Armen, the longtime New York resident, spoke about how the city has transformed this week.

"You can see the city starting to come alive. The weather is going to good. It's going to be phenomenal. This is the greatest city in the world ... It's as hospitable of a city as their is in the country and they know how to throw a party."

Keteyian was on Radio Row promoting an upcoming piece on Eddie George that will air on 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime next Wednesday.

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