When I was growing up, my parents always had a map of the world on the wall.  I'm not sure if they were sending some kind of subliminal message on the importance of geography or if they just thought it looked cool, but the end result was this:

I can find almost anything on a map, and I don't get people who can't.

You want  to know where Myanmar is? I can tell you it's between Thailand and Bangladesh.  Can't locate Paraguay?  I can.  I can tell you it's in the center of South America.  Austria? Ivory Coast? New Zealand? Yes, yes and yes.  I can find almost anything.

And while I can accept those who can't locate Gabon, I simply can't understand people who can't find basic locations - like the U.S. - of course - or Canada, or Russia, or Australia.

Or England.

So, clearly, I don't understand the Atlanta Falcons, who prepared their fans for the team's trip to London, this week, by placing the British city in Spain.

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