Josh Allen is currently on vacation in Paris.

No, I did not learn this because I am not a personal friend of Josh's, though that would be incredible. I learned this information the same way that all of you did: by following Josh on Twitter (or X), and reading his most recent post.

Allen shared with his adoring fans that, during a dinner in Paris, France, he had suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Take a look:

Never change, Josh Allen. Please, never change.

Allen is relatively sporadic when it comes to posting on X. His last non-sponsored tweet came on September 3, 2023, when he posted the two word message "LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!" for his followers to see.

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Overall, he's shared just three posts on X in 2024. He previously retweeted posts from teammates Dion Dawkins, on January 2nd, and Gabe Davis, on February 20th.

Then, he posted about splitting his pants, and these were some of the funniest replies from his followers:

Josh Allen is a one-of-a-kind football player, and clearly, a one-of-a-kind person, and we can't help but love him for both of those traits.

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