After years of asking for it, fans of the EA Sports "Tiger Woods" series will finally get what they've wanted, a chance to play Augusta National. 

We only have 48 days left until the release of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, and if you haven’t seen, this year is going to be big!  Finally the powers that be at Augusta National are allowing the geniuses at EA Sports to recreate the famous golf course and Masters Tournament for play on the 2012 addition of the video game, set to be released on March 29, 2011.

EA Sports went so far as to use a new technology when creating a digital Augusta.  They used laser scanning technology to laser scan every hole.  This includes both the Tournament and Par 3 courses.  Every flower, tree and green slope will be exact down to the smallest detail.

Over the past three years, the game has reached all new heights of realism and authentic game play.  This year’s game seems to be following nicely in the footsteps of its recent predecessors.  Tiger said:

“There are many new and unique elements in the game that will make everyone feel like they’re really competing at Augusta National…this is great for the sport and will connect a new audience with the Masters, a tournament I’ve been fortunate to experience since 1995.”

In the words of eloquent linguist, Bart Scott: Can't Wait!