If you were thinking about getting a haircut at the mall, I've got a few pictures that might make you think twice about doing so.

I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago.  I needed to get a haircut and just went to the first place I saw.  The lady gave me a haircut in about five minutes flat.  This was my first signal that the haircut might be bad.  I don't like haircuts that last too long (like 30 minutes), but I don't like the quickies either.

During the haircut, the lady asked me if I wanted my neckline raised.  If anybody asks me if I want anything done to the back of my head, I could care less.  "Do you want your neckline rounded or squared, Brian?"  I'll respond by saying, "I can't see back there, do whatever you'd like."

I'm rethinking my strategy after this recent visit to the mall.  The back of my head looks like a putting green.  My neck is like the putting green.  My normal neckline, which is currently growing back, is like the first cut.  My regular hair is like the rough.  I'm going to avoid the mall so my hair look more like hair and less like Augusta National.