Dave Portnoy, the founder and "El Presidente" of Barstool Sports, hunts greatness in life. He needs it, and he doesn't care what it is.

What does Portnoy consider to be great? To name a few: Caitlin Clark, Pedro (Martinez) in his prime, Tom Brady, (Michael) Jordan, The Godfather and season three of The Office.

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This is another topic for another day, but I think he nailed the last one on that list.

There was one additional thing on Portnoy's list that he considers to be great. Check out this video, which was posted to his Facebook page on Monday night, to see for yourself:

The last item on his list of greatness is the hangover cake from DeFazio's Pizza in Troy. For long-time followers of Portnoy, and his One Bite Pizza Review series, this declaration shouldn't come as a surprise.

In August of 2021, Portnoy sampled DeFazio's for the first time. After trying the pizza (which he rated an 8.2), he was presented with a slice of the hangover cake.

Here's what happened:

That moment launched a relationship between Portnoy and DeFazio's that, apparently, still exists to this day. Back in 2023, DeFazio's was included in Portnoy's first One Bite Pizza Fest, which featured his favorite slices from around the country.

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So, naturally, when Portnoy returned to the Capital Region to watch Caitlin Clark and Iowa battle Angel Reese and LSU, he had to return to his favorite spot. He didn't have to walk far, however, as the folks from DeFazio's met him right outside MVP Arena:

That wasn't the only pizza that Portnoy sampled during his brief stop in Albany:

We'll keep an eye out for a possible pizza review video for Prima Pizzeria. Who knows, maybe Prima will be the next addition to his list of greatness.

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