Well Jet fans no matter the debacle going on with the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS think about the bright side. You could always be the Buffalo Bills.

Kevin Kolb suffers another concussion. It might be time for him to retire when a defensive player just glances your helmet and concusses you.

Rookie E.J. Manuel, who has looked pretty good in the preseason has a knee injury. So what does a desperate team look and act like?

It looks like Buffalo and it acts like Buffalo. The Bills signed Matt Leinart. 1 word Bills fans-YIKES!

Leinart has been nothing more then a whiny failure. He cried when he was in Arizona yet performed terribly. He did nothing in Houston save for 1 good quarter of football. He did nothing in QB hungry Oakland. Let me be blunt. Matt Leinart puts the uck in suck. A total bust who could have had it all but put more effort into hot tubbing then his craft. All of us that follow and like the Arizona Cardinals won't forget the failure he became after being called " A gift from God" by then Cards head coach Dennis Green.

The Bills also traded for someone called Thaddeus Lewis from Detroit. Ok then!

However the more depressing news for a Buffalo fan is that Jeff Tuel will start the opener against the New England Patriots, a winnable game for Buffalo until this.

Tuel will become the 1st modern day QB to start the opening game after being an undrafted rookie. The record book according to Alias sports dates back to 1967. Tuel is from Washington State.

So Jets fans, or Raiders fans, or another team with a struggling QB do you feel better now?

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