The Bills have a quarterback race on-going in Buffalo and ESPN's Adam Schefter believes that the most tenured face could be in danger of being booted. 

"I think it’s more intriguing to see if EJ Manuel is going to win a spot on the roster," said Schefter, to Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team.

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After starting for the Bills the last two seasons, the main individuals who were linked to Manuel in the draft are no longer with the team as a new ownership and coaching staff are in place.

"They have no battle for him to even keep his roster spot. That’s the real intrigue about EJ Manuel - It's not [whether or not] he gets the starting job, but if he gets a roster spot. That’s what you have to watch."

Despite having a good scrimmage this past Saturday, Manuel's future is also in question because of the competition around him.

"Matt Cassel is the favorite but I think that Tyrod Taylor will be given the chance to win that job in the pre-season. If Tyrod Taylor can perform in games the way that he did in the off-sesaon program, I think he’ll have a real chance to win that job. Cassel is the favorite and Taylor is the guy to watch this summer."

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