Choosing what to name your newborn baby is one of the most exciting, but stressful, aspects of becoming a parent.

Once you discover the gender of your child, every parent wants to pick out the perfect name for their newborn. It may be a name with family significance, an innovative modern-day name, or simply one that you've always enjoyed before becoming a parent.

It's really exciting, as parents can choose literally any name in the book. Right?

Technically, you'd be wrong.

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There aren't many names that fit under this umbrella, but the folks at The Hudson Valley Post discovered a few names that have been banned in New York State, or more generally, the United States as a whole. We've put together a few of those names, and listed them below.

Without giving too much of the list away, many of these names have religious or monarchical connections, and have likely been banned for centuries. Other members of the banned list are more modern, and feature unique numbers and symbols that government officials have decided do not belong in a name.

So, let's answer the age-old question: what's in a name? Scroll below to check out our list of ten names that parents in New York CANNOT choose for their child.

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