I had to run a quick errand on my lunch and it all went to hell because of the President of The United States of America.

Obama's Rride

Lets just state in the beginning, that I’m a supporter of this nation and its leader.  That is until I had no time to go to lunch because of Obama’s motorcade taking up all the roads from Albany Airport to GE. That’s right, I was being a good guy and driving a co-worker to the airport, and I was stuck in traffic for over an hour because Barack Obama wants to see the sights in Schenectady.

I know right, what the hell is in Schenectady? I drink at one bar in the whole town…..AND I LIVE THERE! (Even the Schenectady Wal-Mart is in Scotia). What is he getting a grand tour of the porn shop on Erie? I’m kidding - naturally I know he was heading to G.E. to take a tour of some new batteries or some crap. Never the less, that’s no excuse for wrecking my plans of going to Taco Bell after the airport. I wanted my “Crunch Wrap Supreme” like the owner of the New Jersey Nets wants to fight Rocky to avenge Ivan Drago. But nooooooooooooooooo our commander and chief needs to go to Schenectady. I was more disappointed then a fat kid on prom night.

My Lunch

Now I’m here (oddly enough in Schenectady) eating “Raisin Bran” with 36 percent of my daily fiber. I’m partying it up with some high class party girls (who may or may not be hot), and I just had 2 bowls of Raisin Bran (which if you do your math that’s 72 percent of my daily fiber, if not ,more). My butt is going to sound like the call to post in Saratoga tonight and I’m not going to meet the lady of my dreams - unless she is smell blind.

This is all because Barack Obama hates my lunch break and Taco Bell (which in hindsight might of lead to the same problem).

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