It’s been almost four decades since the New York Islanders Stanley Cup dynasty ended after their fourth consecutive NHL Championship 1983. The Isles came close the following year but fell short to “the Great One” Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers in 5 games in the Finals. No matter how you add it up, four consecutive championships is certainly a dynasty and has always been something to be proud of as an Islander fan.

Fraudulent ownership (see John Spano), low attendance and bad contracts plagued the franchise for decades following the dynasty, until Long Island computer wizard Charles Wang saved the franchise from ending up in Kansas City or something in 2004. Wang desperately tried to find the right people to build another Stanley Cup champion and provide the fans with an updated facility. It never happened for Mr. Wang, a true hero in Islanders history. He sold to the current owners, Scott Malkin and Ledecky in 2016.

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1993 was the last year that an Eastern Conference Final game was played in the Nassau Coliseum. Thursday night, as their beloved team returns to the “Barn” tied with Tampa Bay one game a piece, the Islander faithful will be at fever pitch in anticipation of cheering on their team.

Demand is so high to be inside of the building, people are buying season tickets for thousands of dollars, just to get in the lottery. The season ticket holders playoff ticket sale had to be shut down yesterday because the demand was so high. One thing is for sure, when the Islanders take the ice Thursday night for the first time, the old “Barn” will be partying like it’s 1983!

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