Barry Bonds has always maintained that he never used steroids.  This week, we found out otherwise, and in the least honorable way possible.

Barry Bonds' lawyers opening statement included saying that Bonds took steroids but didn't know it.  If this is true than Barry Bonds is admitting that, while in the MLB, he was nothing more than a drugged up race horse as opposed to an actual human who was diligent when researching the contents of his intramuscular injections.  I don't know about the rest of you, but if someone is going to put a needle in my butt, you better believe I'm going to want to know what's in the syringe!  Bonds maintained, while shamelessly breaking an already dirty record, that his new record was untainted.


As the trial begins and the Government names their list of witnesses, one name will once again be omitted from that list.  That list will lack the name of Greg Anderson, long time personal trainer and friend of Bonds.  Anderson has been in 14 months for refusing to testify against Bonds.  Let me say that again.  Greg Anderson went to jail rather than testify.  Obviously he knew something that he didn't want to say out loud (which is bad ass).  Do you think that Bonds, who has notoriously always been about himself, would take a hit like that for a friend? I think not.

It’s not about baseball anymore.  It’s about the fact that you can’t lie to the feds.  Once you’ve been subpoenaed, it’s time to drop the act and come clean.  As a society we have shown the ability to forgive fallen athletes, ask Andy Pettitte and A-Rod.

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