"God knows I'm a Hall of Famer".-Barry Bonds

Miami Marlins spring training
TNS via Getty Images

With baseball getting back to full action over the weekend, one thing made it feel even more special. The return of Barry Bonds. Bonds, is entering his first year as the Miami Marlins hitting coach, and it just looks right seeing one of the best players of all-time back in a uniform.

During the Marlins introductory press conference, Bonds looked like he could fit into his Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. The all-time home run king, was of coursed asked about his feeling of being overlooked in this years baseball Hall of Fame nomination, and he didn't shy away from his greatness.

"I know that I'm a Hall of Fame player," Bonds said. "I don't really need to get into that. I'll leave that to you guys to make that determination. That's not my fraternity. "But in my fraternity, in Major League Baseball, there's not one player that ever could sit there and say that I'm not one. There's not a coach who ever coached me that says I'm not one."

There's no question that Bonds, deserves a plague in Cooperstown, but until that day comes he would be wise to keep all the talk to the Marlins. New Manager, Don Mattingly has already made his presence known, by installing the no facial hair rule to the Miami Marlins players. Mattingly, who is one of the great New York Yankees to ever play the game, will certainly have his hands full keeping Bonds out of the media.

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