On Tuesday, the Beastie Boys released their first-full fledged rap album in 7 years with Hot Sauce Committee, Volume 2.  The 16 track CD is a throwback to their early to mid-90's sound.

Hot Sauce Committee feels like it should have been released in between 1992's "Check Your Head" and 1994's "Ill Communication" but yet still feels so new.

"Make Some Noise" is the first song on the record and by the end, you just know the Beasties are back.  My favorite tracks are "Nonstop Disco Powerpack", "Ok", "Long Burn the Fire" and "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win."

It's a mix of old school hip hop and something out there that no one's doing in music these days.  Special appearances by Nas and Santigold will no doubt bring some younger fans into the B-Boys stable. 

But enough about my thoughts, listen to the Beastie Boys' talk about each track on "Hot Sauce Committee".  If you've never seen an interview with Mike D, AdRock and MCA, just realize that they very rarely answer questions seriously.  Enjoy!

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