On Saturday at 10:30am, the Beastie Boys performed at the famous Madison Square Garden.

Sort of.

The Beasties actually unveiled their latest CD, "Hot Sauce Committee, Volume 2" in one of the most interesting ways I've ever seen.

They placed a boom box on the floor of Madison Square Garden with two microphones and then they played the entire new CD.  Livestream did a "live stream" of the event.


Sasquatch got the party started by hitting play on the CD player and then he walked away and we all listened to the Beasties first non-instrumental release since 2004's "To The 5 Boroughs".  It was quite an epic listening party.

What an unreal marketing tool this is. Think about how much juice the Beastie Boys have. The rented out the entire Garden just to play their new CD on center court!  That's just sick!

beastieboys on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

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