Imagine betting .50 and winning $471,125,50 Well a bettor from New Jersey did just that at Saratoga last year. The winner picked correctly the winners of the first five races at the track. They were Realm (11-1), English Minister (3-1), Site read (21-1) Hey Bro (24-1) and Saratoga Mischief (6-1) only one ticket had all five winners and the bettor won the entire pool.

From ESPN:

"Since the fall of 2013 -- when NYRA tracks started offering the Pick Five -- there has been at least one winner every race day. But Serling said there has been a single winner only a couple of times in nearly two years.

While the winning ticket cost 50 cents, the bettor bet a total of $675 on a combination of five horses to win those first five races.

It was the highest payout for a Pick Five, the NYRA said, since Aug. 29 of last summer at Saratoga, when a single winner took home $595,502."

Unreal. It's only happened twice since that bet became available. I'm playing Pick 5 from now on!