Buster Olney joined us today to discuss the trade deadline and what he expects from the New York Yankees as they try to bolster their team for a post season run. The Yankees bullpen is currently on of the best in all of baseball but the starting rotation is an issue to say the least.

Buster Olney firmly believes that Oakland A's ace Sonny Gray will be a New York Yankee before the MLB trade deadline Monday July 31st at 4pm. In fact Buster Olney grew up on a farm so when he says "bet the family farm on Sonny Gray being traded to Yankees" it holds a little more weight to me then someone that just says it as a cute saying.

Buster also believes the Yankees could also get A's first baseman Yonder Alonso will most likely end up in pinstripes. Listen to the rest of the Buster's predictions here.

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