Ever since the New York Yankees traded for Sonny Gray I've been patiently waiting for him to pitch the way he pitched in Oakland for the A's. Early on, I blamed the defense (or lack there of) behind Gray as the reason the Ground Ball pitcher was struggling in New York but as time goes on it seems clear he, like many others before him, just isn't cut out for the Pinstripes.

Last month I went to see Sonny Gray pitch for the Yankees at home against the Red Sox and that was one of the worst games I've ever seen. Gray was shelled early and often as the Yankees lost to their Rivals 11 - 0. Here we are almost a full month later and I am preparing to head to the Bronx to see the Yankees host the Mets and guess who's pitching for the Yankees? SONNY 'BLEEPING' GRAY!!! My hopes are low and if I wasn't going with my daughter and close friends I might try to unload the tickets.

The Yankees gave up OF Dexter Fowler (coming off an injury), IF Jorge Mateo (attitude problem) and RHP James Kaprelian (recovering from Tommy John Surgery) for Gray and possibly were ripped off. As a member of the A's Gray had a .550 winning percentage and an ERA of 3.42 with an Ace's mentality. With the Yankees, his winning percentage dropped to .417 and ERA went up over a run to 4.73. Worse than that he threw five complete games and four shutouts with the A's and has one complete game with the Yankees.

Can Gray turn it around? Sure anything is possible but there is also the possibility that he just can't adapt to the pressures of pitching in New York.

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