There's a new scam trying to steal your personal information with the Capital Region in its crosshairs.

With 426 million users, PayPal is one of the world's top online payment middlemen. Every day, more than 34 millions transactions take place using the site or app and those numbers are only going up. With more money and users trusting PayPal, it's a regular target for would-be thieves.

Credit TSM
Credit TSM

People across Upstate New York are starting to report getting suspicious texts linking back to a website called that claims unauthorized activity on the receiver's PayPal. The messages aren't coming from individual numbers, but from email addresses disguised to look like official accounts.

The scam message is a text with two links - one at the beginning and one at the end - that reads like this:

( We've detected unauthorized activity. Log in and take the steps requested:

Scam artists will use these links to try and squeeze personal information, accounts, and passwords from their potential victims, while sometimes also downloading viruses, malware, and spyware to the devices used. Some Phishers use this info for their own gain, and some sell the data to others.

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According to a EuroDNS search, is registered to a man in Sejong-Shi, South Korea.

The recommended course of action for anyone who gets a text like this is to block the address that sent the text and delete the message without any interaction. Besides that, there's unfortunately not much else that can be done except to spread the word so others are informed.

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