What the Buffalo Bills really need is a blowout win over Carolina, to get them back on track. It’s a must win Sunday, but a lopsided final score with quarterback Josh Allen having a big game would do wonders for the Bills Mafia. New England has a tough game at Indianapolis on Sunday, before the Bills and Patriots meet in a rematch in Week 16 in Foxborough . The narrative can change in a hurry for Buffalo, but it has to start with a win over Carolina. Freddie Coleman joined the program like he always does on the Friday show and weighed in on the topic. For that and much more make sure to listen above and read an excerpt below!

"They have to run the football and it can not just be Josh Allen running the football because I know they medically cleared him to be good to go versus the Panthers on Sunday but this Bills team is going to be a good team that won't go anywhere in the playoffs if you don't find the ability to run the football. It can't just be on your quarterback. I don't know if it' a play-calling thing or they don't have a lot of confidence in their running backs, whatever that is but they better figure that out not just on Sunday...more than ever before even we are in modern football and the ball is thrown all over the place, if you have the ability to run the football and be a two fisted attack, you increase your chances not only in winning games in the regular season but having a nice run when you get to the playoffs."

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