The vibe at Buffalo Bills camp is that no one misses former coach Doug Marrone. Starting cornerback Stephon Gilmore backed that up. 

“It’s a different vibe, it’s way better,” said Gilmore. “You love playing for these coaches, these coaches love us and you can tell.”

Marrone overachieved with the Bills last season at a 9-7 record. His stock was high, just ask him. He wanted a longer extension from the front office than they were willing to give and he walked.

Still, what happened to ‘winning cures all’? It definitely didn’t create any love lost between this franchise and Marrone.

What’s the biggest difference?

“The bond,’ said Gilmore. “[Also] communication with the coaches, them telling us what they need out of us. They have our backs. We just love them.”

Rex Ryan might be one of the most loved coaches by his players of all time so that makes it a little easier to look at last season with disdain as well. Something gives me the feeling that if the Bills hit 9-7 this season, there will be a little more admiration for the man in charge.

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