The Buffalo Bills have one of the best offenses in the entire NFL. That's been the case since 2020, when Josh Allen broke out into one of the league's elite quarterbacks.

The Bills have been in the top four offenses in the NFL since then and are likely to be a top-five offense in 2023, if not in the top three.

Still, even with the likes of Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Dawson Knox, rookie Dalton Kincaid and James Cook, the Bills could use one more great wide receiver to make the offense truly lethal on any play for opposing defenses.

Since late March, Bills fans have been wondering if they would trade for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins? The all-pro receiver was due more than $20 million in 2023 and on Friday, the Cardinals decided to release Hopkins.

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That means the 31-year-old is free to sign with an other team and the Bills are reportedly interested in the wide receiver's services.

The only problems are the money, which the Bills would have to cleverly have to work out with not much money under the salary the fact that the Bills biggest threat in the AFC are also reportedly interested in Hopkins.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Bills and Chiefs are "in an arms race" for Hopkins.

The New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns have been talked about as well, with former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in Cleveland. He played with Hopkins for four seasons.

Fowler noted that neither the Bills nor Chiefs have much cap room but that both recognize the other's interest.

To me, the Bills and Chiefs are the only teams which make sense. They both could use another big time wide receiver, despite how good both offenses are, and they offer the stability and championship caliber roster Hopkins wants. They would just have to work out the contract...

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