Doug Mientkiewicz played 72 games with the New York Yankees during the 2007 MLB season. The sure-handed first baseman may have only played one season in New York, but it seems as though some players made impressions on him that will last a lifetime.

While appearing as a guest on The “Foul Territory” podcast with A.J. Pierzynski and Scott Braun, Mientkiewicz had a lot to say about one former New York Yankees' superstar, both as a professional, and as a human being.

What caused him to say that this person will die a lonely man?

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Doug Mientkiewicz Calls Out A-Rod's Antics, Personality While in New York

A story from The New York Post and other outlets shared comments from former Major League Baseball first baseman, Doug Mientkiewicz, that he made while appearing on a podcast last week. Mientkiewicz got personal when discussing his time as a teammate of Alex Rodriguez, the long-time Yankees' third baseman who has been involved in more than his fair share of controversy over the years.

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Thirdbase coach Larry Bowa (C) #50, Doug Mientkiewicz #11 and Alex Rodriguez #13 / Getty Images

An important item to keep in-mind here, as mentioned by The Post, is that A-Rod and Mientkiewicz were teammates in high school, and were reunited as teammates in 2007. Clearly, it wasn't the happiest of reunions, if we're to believe comments like these:

“I’ve always said he’s going to die a lonely man, because, you know what? This whole ‘father of the year’ stuff, God bless him with his daughters, because it’s got to come a long way." - Doug Mientkiewicz, via the Foul Territory Podcast and The NY Post

He continued on, saying this about A-Rod's relationship with their high school team:

"...we still text, group thread, constantly badgering each other. He’s just distant from it. I don’t care how good or how great you become and how far your career goes, you never forget your high school dudes.” - Doug Mientkiewicz, via the Foul Territory Podcast and The NY Post

Here is what Mientkiewicz said about Rodriguez's steroid use in the big leagues:

“It’s painful. It’s like, wait a minute, do you (forget) you got suspended 200 games? It’s like, ‘Come on, man. Stop it. I get it.’ I played a power position and didn’t have any...I was like, ‘You know what, I want to be able to walk when I’m 50.” - Doug Mientkiewicz, via the Foul Territory Podcast and The NY Post

One additional note from the episode, which we will link to below: we learned from the interview that A-Rod fell asleep during a dinner to honor his high school coach. 


Texas Rangers v New York Yankees
Gerald Laird #15 of the Texas Rangers dives safely at home plate for his teams second run in the fifth inning ahead of the tag from Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees as teammates Chien-Ming Wang #40 and Doug Mientkiewicz #11 look on at Yankee Stadium / Getty Images

Given the history between these two players, which dates back to their time at Westminster Christian School, Doug Mientkiewicz has a truly unique perspective of Alex Rodriguez's development into an MLB superstar. He watched "A-Rod" go from can't-miss prospect, to up-and-coming superstar, to disgraced steroid user and beyond.

Now, there are two sides to every story, and there may be aspects of this interview that deserve a response from Rodriguez before we accept the information as fact. Either way, the comments made by Mientkiewicz about A-Rod likely won't be forgotten anytime soon, whether A-Rod responds or not.

You can watch the full clip discussing Rodriguez HERE:

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