After 10 years in the trenches Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Chris Kelsey has decided to hang up the cleats and retire.

Kelsey delivered the message personally, leaving his home in Nebraska to go to the Bills offices and tell them face to face he has decided not to try and shake off the injury bug, instead that he is hanging it up.

Kelsey is a former Bills captain. In 10 years of service to the Bills he recorded 32.5 sacks, 9th all time for the Bills. Kelsey walks away from over 3.725 million in salary. Last year was the 1st time he didn't play in at least 12 games.

Kelsey had this to say about his retirement " I didn't want to leave the game all broken down" in announcing his retirement.

Another factor Kelsey cited was the new coaching staff. Not that he had any problems with new coach Doug Marrone but just the continual turnover in Buffalo. Kelsey said about the new coaching staff " Anytime you have a completely new staff it is tough to come in and have to reprove yourself."

Kelsey's best season came in 2006 when he recorded  5.5 sacks and had 88 tackles. The Bills never made the playoffs in his 10 seasons.


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