Yankee Greats
As Derek Jeter will take his farewell tour around the MLB stadiums this season, Jeter will forever be embedded into the history of the greatest franchise in sports The New York Yankees.
Derek Jeter is a

1996 ROY
5 Time World Series Champion
Apart of the 3,000 hit club
13 Time All-Star

5 Time Gold-Glover
Retiree At 23
Rolando McClain hasn't accomplished much during his NFL career, unless you consider getting arrested multiple times in three years to be an accomplishment. Today, Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome revealed that the 23 year old linebacker was retiring from the game of football, in a…
Athletes And “The Clutch Factor”
One of the things Brian Noe reflected on regarding the announcement of Mariano Rivera's retirement was how shocked people would be, including himself, when Rivera would occasionally fail to come through in the clutch. Who is the active player in pro sports that shocks you the most when he doesn…
Chris Kelsay Retires
After 10 years in the trenches Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Chris Kelsey has decided to hang up the cleats and retire.
Kelsey delivered the message personally, leaving his home in Nebraska to go to the Bills offices and tell them face to face he has decided not to try and shake off the injury bug,…
Ray Lewis Spoof
This ‘SNL’ spoof of the animated and extremely emotional Ray Lewis will have you cracking up.  Kenan Thompson does a fantastic job of impersonating Ray Ray.
Andy Pettitte Comes Out of Retirement, Signs With Yankees
Over thirteen months ago, Andy Pettitte held a press conference at Yankee Stadium to announce his retirement from the game of baseball. He quietly walked away from the game he loved, going down in history as one of the greatest left-handed pitchers in the history of the New York Yankees. Well t…
Could 2012 Be Mariano Rivera’s Last?
Mariano Rivera is 42 years old, and has been toying with the idea of retirement for a few years now.  He says that he knows if he'll retire at the end of this season, he's just not saying which way he is leaning.

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