The Bills are 14-point favorites this weekend as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, but there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't count it as a W just yet.

This weekend's game should be a walk in the park for the Bills.  They're 14-point favorites at this point.  They're starting to get some players back off the injured list, the Steelers' best defensive player TJ Watt is out, and they're taking on a rookie quarterback.  So why in the world wouldn't Bills fans be overconfident?

Remember the Jaguars

Every win in the NFL has to be earned.  When thinking back to games that ultimately ruined the Bills' chances at the #1 seed last year you have to remember the Jaguars game, right?  It's a game that everyone had already chalked up as a win for the Bills, and it was easily the toughest to watch as a fan.  The Bills were upset by the floundering Jags and everyone was like, "What the heck just happened?!?"

What happened was, that was the biggest game of the season for the Jags at the time.  They had nobody saying that they were going to go to the Super Bowl.  They were at the bottom of the pile and they had nothing to lose.  They just wanted to knock the Bills off.  And they did.

The same is true for this year's Pittsburgh Steelers.  Many are saying it's probably going to be their head coach, Mike Tomlin's first losing season since he's been there.  The loss of TJ Watt has been awful for this team.  They're just not in good shape.  But man...would they love to knock off the "Super Bowl favorite" Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen was a rookie once too.

When it comes to their rookie quarterback, Kenny Pickett, he has nothing to lose.  He's a rookie.  No one expects him to be the best player on the field for his first start. But guess what...if he beats the Bills with a team that is struggling, he's sure going to look like it.

Remember the game when the Bills were 17 point underdogs to the Vikings and Buffalo went in there and won 27-6?  Allen was the fire that team needed to turn things around (at least a little).

Everyone on the field is a professional

Von Miller spoke recently about what it means to go against a rookie too...

Should the Bills win this weekend?  Absolutely they should.  Should they expect to win?  Nope...go earn it.


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