The Buffalo Bills game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers was originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon. That game has officially been moved.

The Buffalo Bills wild card playoff game vs. the Steelers has been moved to Monday at 4:30 pm. The announcement was made by Governor Kathy Hochul a short time ago.

There's a Winter Storm Warning and High Wind Warning for all of Western New York, with the worst of the lake effect snow tonight and Sunday.

This assures the safety of fans, players, coaches and Highmark Stadium staff. The issue was always the safety getting to and from the stadium. That was the issue and moving the game to Monday will help prevent the safety of fans. The time is also perfect, as it will end just before the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday night playoff game.

This should also help the Bills offense and Josh Allen's passing game.

Hochul also announced a travel ban for Erie County, starting at 9 pm.

The National Weather Service is discouraging uneccesary travel during the storm. Blizzard conditions are possible with the heavy snow and high winds. Anywhere from 1-3 feet is possible from tonight through Sunday.

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