You couldn't pay me enough to go out on "Black Friday". That's the supposed busiest shopping day of the year when stores start to turn a profit and get out of the red. That may be so  but as a former retail salesman I HATED BF. I would rather work on New Years Day which I did a few times then the horror of BF. From over stuffed-yam eating-wine drinking-pumpkin pie tilting-turkey over dosing hostile customers to the person that wants to buy the cheapest products for Christmas and tell me it's only for their mother I detested working that Friday. Before and while I was learning my radio craft I was a salesman selling TV's  and Video and Stereo and that sort on Long Island. I did pretty decent for a 20ish year old snot nosed kid but that day-that day of hell as I called it gosh I could have enjoyed my Thanksgiving so much more if I didn't have to put in 12 hours or 15 hours on Black Friday

Men were misrable cause they would dragged to the stores by their pesty wives. Woman were shopping not for good merch but cheap crap for the most part but the worst of the worst is EVERY customer so it seemed was just looking. Put it this way the term "Just Looking" is akin to breaking up with your better half and them saying " lets be friends"..Oh  ram my head into the wall please. It got to be that I would approach a customer and say "hi how may I help you" and answer the question myself with "i know you are just looking". Now if I was feeling feisty and not turkeyed over myself I would snap back with something like "ok mam let's be honest you didn't risk your life to come into my store with all the traffic and mayhem to just look isn't that right". Course if said customer was grumpy then they would snap at me "get your manager or yes I did"...

So let's all remember that if you do brave out for the Black Friday shopping extravaganza do 2 things. Remember sales people are nice folks trying to make a living not the tax man so be nice to them and number 2 spend some money to help revive our sagging economy

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