The 518 is full of amazing athletes with great stories. From the middle schools to High Schools to the Colleges and even Rec leagues, people are playing great and doing good in the community. Thanks to our friends at Catseye Pest Control we get to take a few minutes each week to celebrate these athletes and recognize them on the show.

Nominate a Local athlete you’d like to see recognized today by clicking HERE. Remember we want to hear about ANY local athlete that impresses you.

This week's Catseye Pest Control Athlete of the Week is Blake Patrick of Tamarac and here's his submission:

Blake is a 6 yr old Tamarac. Student going into first grade in September. He is a great student, and loves wrestling, and dirt bike racing. He races motocross and supercross all around New York, and will race arena cross at times union in the fall. He has only just started and has a few wins and top 5 finishes. We would love to be on your show as athlete of the week .

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