The 518 is full of amazing athletes with great stories. From the middle schools to High Schools to the Colleges and even Rec leagues, people are playing great and doing good in the community. Thanks to our friends at Catseye Pest Control we get to take a few minutes each week to celebrate these athletes and recognize them on the show.

Nominate a Local athlete you’d like to see recognized today by clicking HERE. Remember we want to hear about ANY local athlete that impresses you.

This week's Catseye Pest Control Athlete of the Week is East Greenbush's Taylor O'Brien

Taylor O'Brien who is 14 years old, just participated in the USSSA National World Series in Maryland for the Infinity Shock Softball Team. Taylor is a pitcher that had a 478 batting average at Nationals and struck out 41 batters in 31 innings and has herself, only struck out 5 times this season. An amazing record for an athlete who is only 14 years old. Taylor also led the team in sportsmanship and energy. In addition, she is an exceptional student just entering Columbia High School in East Greenbush in the Fall. Taylor, while taking many honors classes, will continue to play volleyball in the Fall and will continue to run Varsity Track in the winter as she has done since 7th Grade. Taylor played JV softball for Columbia and was pulled up to Varsity for sectionals and will continue to play softball this year for Columbia. Congratulations to Taylor for an amazing job.

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