Bob Costas is regarded as one of the greatest sports broadcasters of all time. Costas has hosted coverage of the World Series, NBA Finals, Kentucky Derby and has won more Emmy awards than any other sports host in history. The 2016 Olympics marks the 11th games Costas has anchored in his illustrious career. Before Bob Costas rose to prominence, Howard Cosell was regarded as the most popular American sports broadcaster in the country. Earlier this year, Costas sat down with Conan O'Brien and retold the story of his first interaction with the legendary Cosell.

In similar fashion to Costas, Cosell was a part of Olympic coverage in his career. Cosell provided commentary for boxing in the 1984 games in Los Angeles. Cosell's commentary in the 1984 Olympics was the final boxing broadcast in his career. Cosell passed away in 1997 at age 77. The Olympics will be broadcasted by NBC throughout the month of August.

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