ESPN's Bob Ley is one of the most respected journalist  that's out there. He has also been one of Americas's biggest names in the soccer world, and today he showed his frustration with the ongoing corruption of FIFA.

FIFA resumed their sketchiness into its presidential election on Friday afternoon been The FIFA Congress spent hours circling back to other items on its agenda to delay the presidential vote, which could see Sepp Blatter ousted from his position.

"Coming down [the agenda] through the Israeli-Palestinian question, down to here, down to number 17, the election of the president, they have now jumped back to number 11," Ley said.

Co-host Jeremy Schaap tried to ease the tension, but the Ley gave him a stiff arm before his big finale.

"I'm not frustrated, I just want to make the point," Ley said. "For those who say it is base canard and unfair that FIFA makes it up as they go along: They are making it up as they go along."



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