Talk about being conflicted by a judicial decision but the decision to have Barry Bonds confined to house arrest has me torn. I have to be honest. I can't stand Bonds. Might be the most unsavory athlete in my lifetime. Virtually everything about Bonds makes me ill. Start with cheating to break the top record in all of sport the home run record. His nasty disposition. His demeanor. His attitude. His disdain. He just makes me sick to be honest.

Then on the other hand I hate government intrusion and wasting 70 million tax payer dollars to pursue this laughable outcome. 30 days of home confinement then 2 years probation for doing steroids, lying before a grand jury and whatever else they have him on is a joke but so is the governments mouth foaming to nail this guy. Imagine spending that kind of cash for this kind of outcome. Just boggles my mind frankly. From my standpoint the government should never have entered the steroid debacle but I can't ignore the possibility that their intrusion may have gotten us to where we are today.

Not to drone on about this but I would have handled this very simply. I would have thrown Bonds and any steroid cheat out of the game using the morals clause in every contract. Also as a business like any other you can shed personal that are bad for business. For me all these roiders are bad for business. Moving past the steroid debate had Bud Selig dealt with this issue long before we started throwing money down a rat hole then the government would not have intervened and Bonds would have gotten his true just punishment..