The further you travel through the hills and valleys of Upstate New York, the more history you'll find. This area of the country is teeming with historic buildings and places, some of which have been left untouched for centuries at a time. They serve as time capsules, preserving the history of this great state.

Most old, dilapidated locations also come with their share of rumors about paranormal activity. One such building, located in rural Western New York, fits this description so well that it's been named the "creepiest" place in all of the Empire State.

Are you brave enough to step foot inside?

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A story from New York Upstate shared information published in an article by HGTV, which ranked the "creepiest" locations in every state in America. For New York, that location was Rolling Hills Asylum, which is located in East Bethany, which is almost directly in-between Rochester in Buffalo.

Here is a look at the satellite view above Rolling Hills:

A note on Rolling Hills Asylum's history, via New York Upstate:

"New York’s infamous East Bethany asylum opened in 1827 in a former stagecoach tavern, according to Rolling Hills. Originally called the Genesee County Poorhouse, the institution housed everyone from “habitual drunkards” and “lunatics” to people who were destitute, had disabilities, or were widowed or orphaned, the asylum said." - NY Upstate

Over 1,700 people are reported to have passed away on the premises. That statistic has attracted countless paranormal investigation units to the asylum over the years, including The Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures crew.

Here are the creepiest locations in other states across the Northeast, as named by HGTV:

  • Connecticut: Mark Twain House
  • Delaware: Fort Delaware
  • Maine: Mount Hope Cemetery
  • Massachusetts: The Lizzie Borden House
  • New Hampshire: Mount Washington Hotel
  • New Jersey: Pine Barrens
  • Pennsylvania: Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Rhode Island: Providence City Hall
  • Vermont: Emily's Bridge

Check out this news package done on Rolling Hills by a local NBC affiliate:

You can click here to visit the Rolling Hills Asylum website for more information on guided tours, ghost hunts and other events happening on the spooky grounds of the institution.

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