A press conference was held Tuesday morning (4/16) which cleared up some confusion regarding earlier reports of there being other devices, and where the FBI is in their investigation. We continue to send our prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families. Here is a recap of the press conference: 

The press conference was opened by the Governor

  • There were no unexploded devices found
  • Over 150 injured and being treated at local hospitals
  • Gov. Patrick thanked the first responders and area hospitals for their rapid response
  • Organizing an interfaith service to help the city heal
  • Expect continued heightened police presence throughout the City of Boston
  • 176 casualties, 17 in critical condition, 3 fatalities
  • Nobody is in custody:

Mayor Menino, speaking from a wheelchair (he's been in the hospital), also thanked the first responders including the bystanders and runners who jumped into action to help save lives. He also said:

"We've got it under control" "Let's keep lending a hand"


The president has pledged his full support. We did not have to reach out to the president, he reached out to us. She also thanked all of the first responders, including the volunteers. She thanked those from all over the nation and world for the prayers and thoughts.

Rick DesLauriers - FBI Special Agent in Charge, Boston

  • Thanked first responders
  • Pledged to do everyone possible to get those responsible.
  • There are no known additional threats
  • continuing to interview witnesses
  • FBI will be very visible in Eastern Mass over the next few days

The FBI strongly encourages any citizen to share information that a citizen may have could be very valuable in finding those responsible.

  • It may be a crime scene for several days
  • The FBI asks to please cooperate with law enforcement if they approach you to ask questions.

Gene Marquez - ATF

  • ATF is brining their explosives specialists and experts to Boston, including their K9 team.
  • There were not seven devices, but those were inaccurate reports based on unattended an suspicious package investigations
  • If you have any videos or photos of the crime scene before, during, or after the blast please send them to the FBI. You may not think you have anything but your photo could be helpful.

Carmen Ortiz - US Attorney

  • Extended condolences to the family and friends of those who were lost as well as those recovering.
  • Reminded media that this is an ongoing investigation.

Edward Davis - Boston Police Commissioner

  • They have secured the permitter of crime scene with the National Guard
  • The Boston Police Department thanks departments in Chicago, LA, NYC, and Baltimore for offering to send help and manpower.
  •  he crime scene was 15 blocks initially but has been reduced to 12 blocks. The police are working to shrink that circle to allow people back into their buildings, but it is an active crime scene
  • Any videos or photographs in the vicinity could be helpful - if you have any, please send them to law enforcement.

Bomber was not one of the causalities; the three killed were victims:

There were two bomb sweeps before the race:



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