On Wednesday, Derek Jeter spoke for the first time since announcing that this would be his last season, via Facebook.

Audio: Jeter's opening statement -

For anyone who has forgotten or doesn’t understand why ‘The Captain’ has gotten so much attention by the fans and media since his announcement, we were all reminded quickly.

“I really didn’t want this to be a press conference,” Jeter said, in his opening statement. “I tried to do this under the radar. I wanted to get the message out to everyone the way that I chose to do it.

“I didn’t want everyone, especially my teammates, I didn’t want to be a distraction to them today and make them to come to this press conference. I know they had a lot of work to do.”

Audio: Jeter lets his team know that they're dismissed

As each question was asked to Jeter, about his legacy, his memories, at every opportunity he corrected the media and used words like, “we”, “us” and relentlessly referenced his final season and how his work is not complete.

Then, not even 15 minutes in, Jeter couldn’t stand his teammates staring at him anymore, focusing on him only.

“Hang on, if these guys have to go work – please go work,” Jeter said, interrupting his press conference. “Don’t feel as though you got to be forced to be here.”

And just like that, throughout the 30 minute press conference we were reminded of Jeter’s unselfishness and leadership ability.

Try not to forget as we have only one final season to watch the Captain.

Click below to hear Jeter's complete press conference:
Derek Jeters Press Conference

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