Yesterday, with Levack and Wolf out, Brady and Goz got to host the show. And while we usually do a great job (in our own opinions) of sticking to informative sports talk, we had to break stride for a minute and discuss the etiquette of ordering at our favorite pre-show meal spot: Taco Bell.

What's your meal of choice of T-Bell? Brady gets the T7 Quesadilla with a soft taco and two additional soft tacos, and also a Baja Blast Mountain Dew.

Goz goes with the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Which is the better order? Furthermore, do you know that Brady calls it a "T7" instead of a No. 7 whenever he orders, because the T-Bell used to frequent was a combo Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. Would you still call it a T7 even if there weren't two establishments in one?

LISTEN HERE as Producer Mariano also joins the discussion: