Some football people have suggested every team have 1 exemption from the salary cap, to be used for a veteran player and allowing a team to go over the salary cap for that purpose only. Wednesday's announcement that the Chicago Bears and middle linebacker Brian Urlacher couldn't reach agreement on a new contract and were going there separate ways shows why.

Urlacher has mostly been the face of the Bears  franchise for 13 years. he was drafted as an outside linebacker but quickly moved inside and has been the staple of Chicago's defense since 2000 when the Bears drafted Urlacher 9th in the NFL draft. Urlacher made the pro bowl 8 times and in 2005 he was the NFL defensive player of the year.

Contract talks never really got to serious negotiations as sources have claimed. Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune he was asking for 11.5 million dollars over 2 years. Reports are the Bears countered with an almost take it or leave it offer of 1 year and 2 million dollars. Urlacher told the newspaper " It wasn't even an offer, it was an ultimatum. I feel like I am a decent player still. It was insulting, a slap in the face."

Urlacher missed much time in the 2012 season. After  injuring his hamstring  against Seattle in December he missed the last 4 games of the season. In 2011 he tore up his knee in the season finale vs the Vikings.

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